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22 - 23日9月,2021年9月23日

亚历山大 terr


亚历山大is a co-founder of Future Positive Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in entrepreneurs who use advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology, genetics, and other deep technologies to solve massive global needs such as feeding the world’s growing population sustainably, tackling climate change and coping with an ageing population. Prior to founding Future Positive Capital, Alexandre co-founded Kukua, a pan-African education media franchise that leverages the growth of smartphones in the global south to become “the Disney of learning”, built General Assembly’s French and Swiss enterprise business, and led Sandbox, a global of under-30 entrepreneurs. Alexandre started his career by partnering with a Harvard biomedical engineering professor to build a moonshot studio that incubated products at frontiers of science and design to launch transformative companies.